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Family Train

Delhi Rides is like a world full of wonders for both children and adults alike. Chug along the family train that takes you across the entire park and for a laid back view of the park while you enjoy all the sights. It’s also a fun ride for the little ones and a great way to get around the park!

If you have come in a large group, then the best way to get around the park and to explore it is by getting aboard the Family Train. Sit back and relax and enjoy the sights and interesting rides as you journey through our amusement park.

Decide where you want to go and get off at the point. This makes it super easy and convenient for families and groups to navigate the park easily and get maximum fun at the outing.

If you have elderly parents, grandparents or someone with a disability in your group, then the Family Train is a boon. Just get seated comfortably and enjoy a simple ride that brings back the pleasant memories of childhood trips to hill stations with each ‘toot’ sound made by the train engine as it signals the start and end of a round.

The Ranger

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This theme park caters to everyone including serious thrill junkies. The Ranger is one such ride that will definitely blow you away! It will literally swing you into the air where you will find yourself suspended upside-down, hundreds of feet into the air for a couple of heart-stopping seconds. Go on this ride only if you’re daring enough!

The Ranger is a ride that was designed and developed in 1981. It is basically a ride inspired by the swing of a pendulum. The minimum height required for a person to be allowed onto this ride is 48 inches or taller. So if you’ve planned on going on this ride, make sure you meet the minimum height requirement!

The ride itself takes you up to a height of 66 ft. into the air. The ride starts
with shorter strokes of the pendulum into the air and as the ride progresses, the pendulum swings faster and faster till you are completely inverted for many seconds in the air. This is followed by a very strong momentum while coming down.

To enjoy this ride fully, make sure your stomach is not too full. Also, if you suffer from motion sickness, then most of the rides are strictly off limits for you.

Bumper Car

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A bumper car ride is a lot of fun especially for bad drivers! Infact, to enjoy bumper car rides thoroughly, it is mandatory to be a bad driver for maximum fun and laughs! If you’re in a group and you have a crush on someone, let them know by bumping their car more than others! We promise that you will have a fun time on this classic joy ride.

If you have come in a large group, then you can split yourselves into two teams and play ‘tag’ during the bumper car game. However, the general objective of this game is to bump as many cars as you can for maximum fun, enjoyment and laughter. This game might give you a different perspective on road age and may help you look at things from a lighter point of view.

This game can be enjoyed by most people as it is not too scary or dangerous. However, younger children ideally under the age of 7 years, can sit as a passenger while an adult drives the bumper car around.

Interesting fact: The bumper car ride was invented in 1919 in Massachusetts, USA by Max and Harold Stoehrer and was originally known as dodgem!

Dragon Ride

The dragon is a mythical creature that appears in Chinese fables and films and mostly conjures images of fear. However, the dragon ride in comparison is a polite roller-coaster ride for those uninitiated into the world of seriously thrilling rides such as the Ranger. You will find many fun rides like the dragon to suit your pace of fun at our theme park.

If you find life is boring at the moment, then just hop on the Dragon Ride and enjoy the feeling of swooshing through the air at high speeds while you scream your lungs out! The more inversions or loops present in a roller coaster ride, the more fun and thrill you will get out of it! At the end of the Dragon Ride, you will feel like you have travelled through space and experienced zero gravity. We guarantee you that you will no longer be bored or sleepy!
For those interested in the mechanics of roller coaster rides, especially physics enthusiasts can truly understand how potential energy is converted to kinetic energy when you ride on one of these man-made marvels. It is interesting to know that the roller coaster was first patented in 1885!


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If the word ‘frisbee’ makes you think of a plastic disc that you threw in the air for your friends or pet to catch, then think again. Behind this seemingly innocent name is a giant Frisbee that will hurl you hundreds of feet into the air and back again!

The Frisbee is an innovative amusement park ride that has a circular gondola which seats people. This gondola is attached to a pendulum which is connected to a sturdy base. Once the ride starts, those seated on the gondola will be swung at massive arcs of 170 degrees to a full 360 degrees in the air! One thing’s for sure, you will definitely enjoy panoramic views of the entire amusement park and the surrounding city when you are on this ride.

This unique ride is only available at a handful of amusement parks around the world such as the United States, New Zealand, Netherlands, Germany, Australia, United Kingdom, Norway, South Korea, Spain, Italy and now it is in India courtesy Delhi Rides. Apart from the name Frisbee, this spectacular ride is known by many names such as Extreme Frisbee and Typhoon. For your safety, the minimum height requirement for patrons is 48 inches. Enjoy at your peril.

Swing Chair

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For the convenience of our patrons and to cater to the needs of each and every member of your family, from the youngest child to senior citizens we have thought of everything. The swing chairs is one such special touch for those who require a place to sit.

When waiting for children to go on the next ride, the waiting lines can be long and maybe even a bit monotonous for family members. Each ride time can typically take anything from 15 – 25 minutes depending on the rush. So, to make your waiting time between rides more comfortable, we have thoughtfully placed swing chairs across the park at strategic locations.

These chairs will help you take a breather, and allow the whole family to come out and enjoy together and make the most of a wondrous family outing.
If you need a break from all that theme park fun, sit back and relax on one of the many swing chairs across the park. The swing chairs are conveniently placed for your comfort. Take a breather, refresh yourself, have a little snack before you get back to the world of maddening fun! You can even have a little picnic with your family while relaxing on one of the swing chairs!

6 D Theatre

The 6-D theatre is an upcoming attraction globally and makes Delhi Rides one of the important places to visit in Delhi. We have 6 senses, so why should we limit ourselves to films in 3D?

The state-of-the-art 6D theatre lets you take a very realistic ride into a thrilling theatrical production that will have all your senses come alive! From motion controlled seating, to sensations on your skin, smells and sights that will trick your mind into blurring the lines between reality and projection. This will definitely be a ride that your mind won’t forget!

Kids Zone

Delhi Rides is one of the few amusement parks in Delhi that caters to people of all ages. It is like a complete fun and food village and theme park in Ohkla replete with fun rides and recreation. For families with toddlers, the kids zone allows you a space to unwind and relax with your child in the outdoors. It has a number of games that will keep you and your children engaged for hours on end!

In addition to all the fun rides and games, Delhi Rides focuses on the safety of everyone. Our rides are safety inspected and checked every day to make sure that you are in good hands.

Delhi Rides is conveniently located in Okhla Village, Delhi and is very accessible from Noida as well. It is spread out over a large property and can be explored thoroughly over a course of 2-3 days.

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